Rana Banaja is an advanced PhD candidate  in Marriage and Family Therapy at Nova Southeastern University. She is also a faculty member in KAU University in Saudi Arabia. Rana was selected to obtain a faculty scholarship to pursue higher education in the United States after completing her MS in Marriage and Family Therapy in 2010.  Rana respects and values differences of ethnicity, religion, color, and all other aspects of diversity aspects with her clients and their family members. She offers  safe, respectful, and understanding environment in order to facilitate humane and meaningful conversations in her therapy practice. Rana is pleased to offer a room of acceptance, empathy, and creativity to her clients through therapy and hypnotherapy.  She believes that therapy is a journey that is derived by curiosity. 

Dorcas Matowe is a Marriage and Family Therapy Registered Intern, pursuing her PhD in Family Therapy at Nova Southeastern University. Dorcas, who is bilingual in English and Shona, has worked extensively with families impacted by domestic violence, terminal illness, HIV/AIDS, and marital and family issues. Dorcas was a research assistant for a recent grant-funded study at Nova Southeastern University on barriers to clinical services, which demonstrated the benefits of walk-in, single session therapy. She is currently working on a quantitative research project on health disparities among racial and ethnic minorities. As a current AAMFT Doctoral Minority Fellow, member of the Broward Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, and member of Delta Kappa Omicron, the Nova Chapter of the International Honor Society for Marriage and Family Therapy, Dorcas believes in collaboration between communities, organizations, and service providers to promote mental health services and build stable families, especially for marginalized populations.

All of our therapists are doctoral level volunteers who work collectively and share the same vision to provide quality services to the community.

Dr. Jill Morris is the Founder and Clinical Director of the Sage Institute for Family Development. She has spent the last 25 years as a psychotherapist, professor and speaker. Having earned a Master's degree in Education, a Master's degree in Mental Health Counseling, and a PhD in Marriage and Family therapy, she is an expert in interpersonal relationships and provides therapy and consultation to individuals, couples, families, and organizations. “Dr. Jill” has served as adjunct faculty at Nova Southeastern University teaching systems theory, sexuality, language systems, and clinical supervision. As a AAMFT Approved Supervisor, she is delighted to provide training for and supervision for professionals and offer affordable counseling services to the general public.