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Under the direction of Larry Siegel, MA, AASECT,  Sage Institute provides professional training opportunities throughout Broward and Palm Beach Counties, as well as on site trainings for agencies and organizations.  A sampling of past programs is listed here. We offer the full range of required course for CEU's for Florida licensed psychotherapists

- Sexual Pharmacology                                               - Sexual Assault in Intimate Relationships 

- Pharmacology & Addictions                                    - Understanding Sexual Diversity

- Empowering Youth                                                   - Combating Sexism & Homophobia

- Sexual Development                                                 - Sexual Health Connections to Abuse

- Professional Ethics                                                    - Psychophysiology of Stress

- Domestic Violence                                                   - Working with Sexually Active Youth                      

- Medical Errors                                                            - Sexuality and Chemical Dependency



                                                Counseling for individuals, couples and families

At  Sage Institute for Family Development, we want to make sure that out-patient counseling is available to anyone who is interested in creating changes in their lives.  We strive to offer an affordable and accessible private practice experience for all, regardless of income.  We operate on a sliding scale, work with a selective group of highly skilled therapists, and we don't work with insurance companies.  Your counseling experience will be determined by you and your therapist and will remain private to the extent allowed by law.  

Contact Us today for more information, and a free 15 minute phone consultation.

We able able to see clients in our offices in  Davie and Boca Raton. We are also able to provide home visits when the circumstances prevent clients coming to our offices.

                  Our clinicians are trained to provide therapy for problems including but not limited to:


                             - Depression                                                 - Infidelity

                             - Anxiety                                                         - Sexuality and Aging

                             - Sexuality                                                      - Behavior Problems

                             - LGBTQ related issues                                - Sexual Abuse/ Trauma

                             - Relationship Challenges                           - Domestic Violence

                             - Employment Problems                             - Substance Abuse                                               

                             - Parenting                                                      - Process Addictions (Gambling, Shopping, etc)

                             - Substance Abuse/ Addiction                    - HIV/AIDS

                             - Chronic Pain                                                - Grief & Loss



- Sexual Development, Sexual Health, Family Sexuality Education

- Substance Abuse / Chemical Dependency

- Child & Adolescent Health & Development


- "Sex Ed 101" for Parents

- Effectively Communicating with Youth

- Talking with Your Kids about Drugs

- Child/Adolescent Sexual Development

- Understanding Commonly Prescribed Medications

- Talking to Your Kids about Sexuality

- Teen Pregnancy Prevention

- Sexual Health Trainings (Birth Control, STI's HIV/AIDS, etc.)

- Raising Sexually Healthy Young People

- "Daddy's Little Girl"

- "Just Like Mom"

Sage Institute for Family Development is an Approved Continuing Education Provider for the Florida Board of Clinical Social Work, Marriage & Family Therapy and Mental Health Counseling


Contact Larry Siegel at 561-254-4237 for more details about attending a training or arranging something in particular for your organization. At Sage Institute we are committed to providing affordable and exceptional professional learning opportunities. 

For more information on the kind of parenting education that would suit you or your organization, contact Larry Siegel at 561-254-4237

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